This has been one of the most interesting projects I have been working on so far. Fit Republic opened a new gym in Bendigo, Australia. A special feature is the "dark" Spin Room, which is enlighted by black light. This is only working with the layout I did for the surrounding walls that should give the impression of training on the moon. The final document had a width of over 64,000 px.

As a designer, I look at other designers not only for their quality of work but their reliably and work ethic. When I came to have the chance to work with Tobias Roetsch, he left no stone unturned; to show me that not only was he a talented graphic designer, but that he also had work ethics and, standards that were second to none. Tobias displays patience and, understanding in his work and, always asks the right questions. Given we had the barrier of language, you would have thought we came from the same land. I appreciated Tobias’s consistently happy approach to his work and, the willingness to please the client, no job was too big and, each time we met the clients expectations and more. I welcome the chance to work with Tobias again, thank you Tobias, you are an inspiration and I wish you every success in all your doings.